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        Aviator's suite of offerings provides teams and organizations of all sizes with solutions that meet their unique needs.

  Aviator Team
  Aviator Team is an out-of-the-box document management system that is quick to install and perfect for improving the productivity of workgroups, teams or departments. An enhanced Notes client, Web client and ODMA client make this a powerhouse document management solution. Aviator Team is designed for Lotus Domino sites running R5, R6, R6.5, R7.0 and R8.0. The robust Attach client (see below) will literally let your users work exclusively through Windows with their files in Aviator and perform functions such as version control and document editing and updating without ever having to open Notes. Records management features such as scheduled and automatic archiving and purging make Aviator Team a well-rounded solution.
  Aviator Enterprise
  Aviator Enterprise is powerful document management technology that creates unique business solutions and delivers dramatic results in cost reduction and revenue growth. It runs on a Lotus Domino R5, R6, R6.5,R7.0 and R8.0 server and is accessed from a Notes R5, R6, R6.5, R7.0 and R8.0 client or Web browser. Aviator Enterprise is a revolutionary integrated approach to document management that is ideal for organizations that have active custom database environments or multiple database applications. The full suite of technology provides the power of Aviator as a centralized document management system, as well as the ability to integrate with business-critical database applications. Aviator Enterprise will document management enable your entire organization.
  Documents In Context
  Documents In Context is Aviator's document management solution designed specifically for the Insurance industry. Aviator takes its ability to leverage the Lotus environment to centralize all your important but unstructured information (contracts, correspondence, emails, faxes, etc.) into a single, organized, accessible place. Then it ties into the massive amount of critical customer information in your existing accounts database to make one powerful, easy-to-use central system for ALL of your customer information. Elevate the productivity of your users by giving them all the information they need at the time they need it in a place that makes sense to them!
  Aviator Standard
  Aviator Standard is all the power of Aviator Team packaged for the Lotus Notes / Domino R4.6 and up platform. Aviator Standard features our unique link database technology that lets R4.6 to R8.0 users get around the 4GB/database limit. It has a familiar Notes interface look-and-feel and is fully web-enabled. Aviator Standard's ODMA client integrates users' Notes and Windows environments, allowing them to create and work with files in their standard office applications. See Aviator Standard in action in the online tour or sample library.
  Aviator Attach
  Aviator Attach is a Windows desktop client that ties office productivity applications with Aviator's library and any Lotus Notes database. It comes with Aviator Team, Aviator Enterprise and Documents In Context. Attach is the only product on the market that integrates Notes with all Windows applications, not just MS Office. If your organization uses custom Notes databases or Notes database applications, Attach may be all the document management you need. Users are finally relieved of the attach-detach-reattach headache of working with file attachments in their databases!
  More Information
  Additional product information can be found on the following pages:
  • The Features page lists Aviator's powerful functionality.
  • The Technical Information page provides all the support options and other information for Aviator users.
  • Our FAQs may address your inquiries.
  • Aviator's System Requirements will help you identify the solution that fits your environment.
  • Our Online Documents provide the hard-copy guides for installing, administering and using Aviator.
  • Our Sales Information page provides more about how to obtain Aviator's solutions.

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